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Recruitment and selection is an important part in human resource development of any organization. Properly conducted recruitment and selection procedures by us will help you maximize your employee strength and to meet your goals and objectives. We evaluate logically and analytically when searching for the right candidate for the right job. We welcome applications from skillful, ambitious and hardworking job seekers and then through a set of processes we successfully find the best suited candidate for your company’s positions.


As a renowned human resource consultant firm we truly understand the fact that for a company’s growth, humans comes before sources. A wrong individual who is not compatible with the position can only give more loss than profit to your company. Consequently you will have to find a replacement candidate sooner or later. To avoid all these situations we go through several stages of recruitment and selection which includes screening, short listing and selecting the right candidate for the required vacancies at your organization.


We keep scheduled interviews with candidates who have qualification, skill and experiences required for the job identified and then do screening of the candidates to allow the eligible individuals to attend further stages of selection. We also conduct selection tests to further choose the right candidate. This includes common ability test, intelligence test, personality test, aptitude test and group discussions also. With all these processes we validate the credentials of the selected candidate.



We are one of the best executive search firms in the country. We understand the necessity of going beyond screening of applications, hence determined to help companies to recruit the suitable talent for their executive positions and to help aspiring applicants discover possibilities that suits their profession dreams.

We conduct specialized recruitment services to find highly qualified candidates for senior level jobs of our client’s company. Our team of consultants and head hunters, with exceptional enterprise experience, work on executive search assignments with extreme dedication and focus. We help organizations at all levels to hire best leader who can take the business to great heights.



Our firm contains a broad network of outstanding candidates and connections which facilitates to search for the right candidate for a specific job in your organization within the right time period. With the help of our high impact staffing solutions you will be able to save your time and money to handle thousands of job applications, resumes and to conduct complex hiring process.


Let us handle your recruiting and hiring process so that you can focus more on the core of the business. We can also assist you to handle payroll taxes and mitigate risks in the payroll cycle. Now we can guarantee you that with our team of experts, resources and constantly updated technologies you will be able to find the right talent which suits the need of your company’s objectives and goals.

We provide following staffing services:

  • Permanent staffing

  • Contractual staffing

  • Contract to hire

  • Long term projects

  • Short term projects

  • Direct placement



We provide training and development to employees so that they can enhance their performance and do wonders for your organization by achieving their goals in given period of time. With continuous efforts to enhance the performance of employees, we can help you take your business to the next level.

Our training and development programmes can help you achieve the followings:-

  • Improve performance of employees.

  • Boost company reputation and status.

  • Motivate employees to deliver their best.

  • Enhance creativity and skills of employees.

  • Employees become more independent and productive and are ready to face challenges and pressure.

  • Improved team work.

  • Healthy employee-employer relationship.


At the end we believe that training and development is one of the most important aspects of a successful human resource development for any organization.